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  1. Swift - Ultra-Thin Laptop

    Swift - Ultra-Thin Laptop

    Starting at: CA$499.99
    Ultra-thin, stylish and all the power to satisfy your mobile needs.
  2. Spin - Thin & Light Convertible

    Spin - Thin & Light Convertible

    Starting at: CA$799.99
    Revolutionary convertible computers that feature powerful innovation and forward-thinking design.
  3. Predator 21 X - Ultimate Gaming

    Predator 21 X - Ultimate Gaming

    Starting at: CA$11,999.99
    Discover the power of the Predator 21X. Featuring a 21-inch curved NVIDIA G-sync display, dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 GPU, Tobii Eye Tracking technology, two PCIe SSDS, 5-fan cooling system, 4 speakers + 2 subwoofers, and more!
  4. Predator 15

    Predator 15

    Starting at: CA$1,299.99
    Don't get burned by the heat and pressure of hardcore gaming. Keep cool with advanced thermal technology.
  5. Predator 17

    Predator 17

    Starting at: CA$1,999.99
    Keep cool as you fly through the hottest parts of the galaxy with advanced thermal technology.
  6. Aspire R 14

    Aspire R 14

    Starting at: CA$299.99
    Pick up the Aspire R 14, and you'll see the world in a new way. Because with a powerful computer fluidly moving between four modes, there are no limits to the work that can be created, moments shared, games played, connections made. Discover a computer that's everything you need it to be.
  7. Aspire E

    Aspire E

    Starting at: CA$399.99
    They may serve as essential devices, but Acer’s Aspire E Series laptops go beyond the everyday tasks. The E Series is a touch smarter, faster and easier to use than most essential laptops. The E Series gives users the freedom to be more productive and creative and immerse themselves in videos, photos and music.
  8. Aspire ES

    Aspire ES

    Starting at: CA$349.99
    Everything you need. Aspire ES Series laptops are the perfect companions for work and play. With unique features like Acer BluelightShield TM software and optional M-DISC Ready™ optical drive*, the Aspire ES Series keeps you ready for work and play. Precision Touchpad and Acer Chiclet Keyboard make sure you never miss a thing.
  9. Aspire V

    Aspire V

    Starting at: CA$329.99
    Be productive, entertained, and connected with everyone on the stylish Aspire V Series notebooks. These notebooks give you the freedom to tap, swipe and pinch through you entire workday.1 Don't forget to relax. Enjoy immersive cinematic experiences, or connect with friends to share some photos. The Aspire V Series conquers versatile tasks with ease.
  10. Acer Chromebook

    Acer Chromebook

    Starting at: CA$199.99
    The Acer Chromebook is a super portable laptop with enough power to last all day on a single charge. Its fast wireless connection delivers smooth web-based media on its brilliant high-resolution display. With 11" and 13" screen-size options, you can find the perfect one to fit your life. It’s also available with a touchscreen.

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