eRecovery Media

The eRecovery media will recover your Acer system back to the original factory settings, including all original software, applications, drivers, and Operating System. Availability of eRecovery media on CDs/DVDs or Thumb Drive is based on your model.

You can also purchase recovery media for your Gateway or eMachines devices.

  • Only one eRecovery media type is available per unit.
  • Opened software is not returnable. (Opening the mailer oonstitutes opening the software)
  • Referenoed shipping times do not include the time needed to process the order. All Recovery Media orders may take 2 business days to process prior to being shipped.
  • Per Microsoft regulations, requests for Windows XP Pro recovery media are no longer supported.
  • Upon receipt, you have 14 days to contact the Acer Store regarding any damage to the media.
  • Recovery media is available for purchase for a period of time after the system is built.

To Get Started, please enter the serial number or SNID located on your Acer product and click Submit.

How do I find my Serial Number or SNID?

Download and Install the Acer System Information tool on your computer to autodetect your Serial Number or SNID.

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